Defining a new #ruralhack syllabus


Since we ran our first RuralHack last year, I’ve been watching towards summer ‘17 as a challenging opportunity to change the way we discuss and face DIY, bottom-up agriculture and farm-life in general.

On one hand we tried to consolidate what we learned in the first year: some of our first students ended up having real life problems, mainly related to the use of our solution in greenhouses of farms. Power managment and networking were the hot topics here, and I’ve updated our syllabus for the wifi edition of the workshop in this direction.

We ended up organizing a RuralHack in Pacentro (AQ), with Tommaso Spagnoli who joined the 2016 RuralHack in Calvanico. The venue is a wonderful Farm (or better Agriturismo) called La Tana Della Volpe and the idea is to recreate the good vibes we found last year in a two and a half day workshop purchasable on the Arduino Store (June 23 to 25).

Wifi Edition vs LPWAN Edition

Many things happened in this last year. We’ve seen the rise of LoRa and Sigfox and we’have been testing the latest hardware (and plans related to it) by Arduino, with the Mkrfox1200 and by Adafruit with Adafruit Feather M0 RFM96. Both products are affordable and easy to use thanks to the modularity of the Arduino IDE.

We are designing a new Chapter of the RuralHack Experience designed for LPWAN. While being based on the very same Rural Kit we scouted last year, we will replace the Arduino Mkr1000 with one or even both boards, in order to give the students a glimpse on both parties.

RuralHack Kit