Fablab for Kids is a collection of workshops to bring children closer to the fablab technologies, to the culture of self-creation and DIY, and to promote an active and creative attitude towards science and technology.

First: learning by doing. At Fablab for Kids labs, learning is not a passive act, but the fruit of a shared journey of exploration, experimentation, reflection, during which kids learn to face the failure, refine their knowledge of sharing skills. Understading how doing it, can promote a creative and autonomous approach about learning.

Second: follow your goals, not the procedures. At Fablab for Kids labs you reach the goal by following a path, not the train rails.

Third, fail & learn. Making mistakes is good because it will bring different solutions. We are not scared by mistakes, which are to be faced early in development.

Fourth, the formulas only at the end. At the Fablab for Kids labs once you’ve reached the goal then you can understand the formula, the abstract principle, in fact, will help you to simplify and structure what you learned.