Fablab Torino is on the first Italian Fablabs opening. Born in 2012 together with the experience of Officine Arduino (now Officine Innesto), with the help of Arduino LLC (now BCMI LABS) and Toolbox Coworking.

Most of the machines (Lasercutter, CNC, robots) of the space are Officine Innesto’s belongings that are shared - together with the space - to the Fablab Torino Community for people to learn, understand, hack, create. The Laboratory becomes accessible to the associatees after 4 PM almost everydays. Many free workshops and activites are hosted in the space on week days and weekends. Different communties were born around the space, check Fablab Torino site or Facebook page or follow Fablab Torino’s Twitter in order to be updated about the activities and events hosted there.

Officine Innesto’s strong commitment in fostering this community is based on the assumption that every vertical organization (a company is) working in such everchanging worlds (maker education, edutainment, robotics, domotics, openhardware, opensource, open agricolture) needs a horizontal community to work with, to interact and share ideas with. To grow.

The experience of Fablab Turin comes from different forces and needs with a single goal: bringing Digital Fabrication and Open Source culture to a physical site where machines, ideas, people and new approaches can be blended freely.

Fablab often works as a hub of Skills, where people who attend it find among other users the know-how they need to realize their projects.

Today, Fablab Torino continues to use Officine Innesto’s support.

Fablab Torino Association Board of Directors is composed by:

President: Giovanni Bindi
Advisors: Marco Cassino, Riccardo Torrazza, Fabrizio Alessio, Gianfranco Caputo, Davide Gomba.

The founding members of FabLab Torino Association are:

  • Massimo Banzi
  • Riccardo Luna
  • Paola Zini
  • Alex Ferraris
  • Andrea Graziano
  • Cesare Griffa
  • Franco Magni
  • Giorgio Olivero
  • Andrea Patrucco
  • Lorenzo Romagnoli
  • Gualtiero Tumolo
  • Davide Gomba
  • Enrico Bassi