Casa Jasmina

Casa Jasmina is an independent project in the business space of domestic electronic networking, or, “the Internet of Things in the Home.” Our goal is to integrate traditional Italian skills in furniture and interior design with emergent skills in open-source electronics. Started as a two year pilot project of, now Casa Jasmina is able to share and present a model of a sustainable and open source controlling system with a special vision on user experience and interfaces. Curated by Bruce Sterling, Jasmina Tesanovic an a team of designer and technologists, the project is a showplace inside the large industrial building already shared by Toolbox Co-Working, Fablab Torino and Officine Innesto. Casa Jasmina has three main functions:

1- A real-world testbed for hacks, experiments and innovative IoT and fabrication projects.

2- A curated space for public exposure of excellent artifacts and best practices.

3- A guest-house for occasional visitors to Toolbox, Officine Innesto and Fablab Torino.

We built Casa Jasmina in order to encourage industries that will create tomorrow’s living spaces. Casa Jasmina is an incubator, and its purpose is industry-boosting in the Italian IoT space.