Celebrating six years of Officine and Fablab Torino


It seems we’re now old enough to count our age with both hands. Officine and Fablab Torino are celebrating six years since their opening in February 2012.
Since then many things have changed, but you can always be sure to count on us when it comes to partying.

Of course we’re celebrating in the Fablab with our community of makers, coworkers and friends. There will be drinks, there will be cake, we will pop a bottle or two (or three…) of good spumante.
Everyone is welcome to come and join us for this (Fa)B-Day Party on Friday, February 23rd at 7 P.M. in Fablab Torino, via Egeo 16.

But most of all, we’re celebrating in the maker spirit with a special workshop: Kliment Yanev will be our guest and teach us how to Design & Produce a ESP32 Board in a day.

Kliment Yanev is an electronics and robotics developer with extensive experience in the field of open source 3D printing and open hardware. He does custom electronics development, taking projects from idea to prototype in the field of 3d printing (electronics, software and mechanical work) and medical hardware.

The goal of the workshop is to enable the participants to design and produce a custom board based on several features, going from a schematic to a PCB layout, and then manufacture the PCB board and a reflow soldering stencil to go with it. We’ll then assemble the board, program and test it.
We will then use the toner transfer method and reusable Cupric Chloride etchant to manufacture a circuit board and a stencil you can use for reflow soldering.
The board is going to be based on ESP32 chip, which is very popular nowadays and has several goodies (WIFI, BT, GPIO reassignement). The software we are going to use is Kicad.
The workshop is still for sale with just 10 places available, so make sure not to miss this opportunity!