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Celebrating six years of Officine and Fablab Torino


It seems we’re now old enough to count our age with both hands. Officine and Fablab Torino are celebrating six years since their opening in February 2012.
Since then many things have changed, but you can always be sure to count on us when it comes to partying.

Of course we’re celebrating in the Fablab with our community of makers, coworkers and friends. There will be drinks, there will be cake, we will...

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Defining a new #ruralhack syllabus


Since we ran our first RuralHack last year, I’ve been watching towards summer ‘17 as a challenging opportunity to change the way we discuss and face DIY, bottom-up agriculture and farm-life in general.

On one hand we tried to consolidate what we learned in the first year: some of our first students ended up having real life problems, mainly related to the use of our solution in greenhouses of farms. Power managment and networking...